Why Altfilmz?

Altfilmz.com is aiming to be your site to find those films that deserve to be seen, but just didn’t get an even break.

You see, every year hundreds of independent films are produced and released. Some make it to first-tier international film festivals, like Sundance, Toronto and Tribeca in North America, or Berlin, Cannes and Venice in Europe. Others make it to lesser known film festivals, or niche film festivals.

From there, some find distributors, while others fade away, usually within a year or two.

It is the goal of this site, and yours truly, to rescue from obscurity those ones that deserve rescuing, or to prevent them from obscurity in the first place.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we are going to ignore other good films that do find their way into your local cinema. With them, we will offer brief reviews to give you an idea of whether you should drag your derriere  to a cinema that is not necessarily near you is worth your timely time and hard-earned earnings, or should you even bother to watch on a small screen.


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